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You'll need a validated problem-solution fit first

Many entrepreneurs think they know exactly what their customers want, and start out by developing a business based on their own vision. However, these businesses fail to find actual market traction and build sustainable growth.

We’ve found that customers and innovation are the key drivers behind extreme growth, and have developed a structured methodology to capture this value. The problem-solution fit occurs when you find a crucial customer problem that you can solve with your value proposition. Because developing an exceptional value proposition provides the foundation you need to create a successful, durable, and scalable business model.

Who is this for?

This course is designed to help entrepreneurs like yourself build and scale a sustainable business model. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time entrepreneur with a dream or a seasoned veteran who just can’t seem to build market traction. Our time-tested method has taken over 6 years to perfect, but we have now found the key ingredients to building a product that sells. So its no wonder that we've developed new business concepts for companies like Microsoft and TV2Z.

  • You suspect that a startup can be created without burning money

  • Want to learn the true way to build viable and durable startups

  • Done with burning cash on marketing agencies with empty promises

  • Looking to get your business investor-ready

Feeling a little overwhelmed?

Let's start from zero

Does this all sound a little new to you? No worries, we will discuss all these topics in-depth, so you become a wizard in concepts like startup strategy, customer interviews, prototyping, pitch MVPs, and business case development. We’ve taken concepts and best practices from all key books and research in startup development and combined them with our experience helping over 200 innovation projects. This course is not only jam-packed with knowledge, but perhaps most importantly, we’ve made it actionable.
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The course

An actionable approach to create commercially successful startups

  • Problem - Solution Fit

    Master customer interview techniques to discover the key problems your potential customer faces. Develop customer segmentation to understand how you can access them, and what drives them.

  • MVP Prototyping

    Prototype a Minimum Viable Product to test market demand and find a value proposition that connects with your customer, and validate your solution.

  • Business Case

    Get investor ready by building a business case from your findings and learning all about investment data, business models, and advanced financial modeling techniques.

Case Studies

How the PreXLR program has helped countless entrepreneurs

From 0 to $600k revenue

in only 3.5 months

Yes, you read that correctly. Using the PreXLR methodology, Antonio Garcia was able to develop customer-centric value propositions which aided hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. This structured process facilitated a scientific approach to building solutions that customers actually need.
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Daring customer pivot

lead to 24% MoM growth

TV2Z was just starting out they began the PreXLR course, and were having trouble building traction and raising any investments. The customer interviews quickly revealed there was no demand for their initial product, which brought development to a screeching halt. Luckily the PreXLR methodology allowed them to develop a business model for a new customer segment, which landed them a healthy investment.
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Previous clients

We’ve built reputable rapport with many large players in the innovation space


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